January 3rd 2017



Targeted – Kendra Elliot  

Date Completed :Jan 03 2017 on Kindle unlimited  ( 3 stars)

Genre: Mystery (Detectives/Cops)

For various reasons i plan to stick by a formal start to when i completed the book

  1. Goodreads tracks it, and i faithfully rate them as soon as i am done
  2. I want to sustain it till i get to reviewing my current book (  I have miles to go!)

This is the 4th and last installment( So Far) of the combination of Mason and Ava ( Detective and FBI agent respectively)

This review will be reasonably short because i do not remember my exact response to this book but that the storytelling left little to guess the turn of the story and did the revelations at its own time and pace. There were more twists than the previous installments but i would say this is an average read

Blood Defense  (Samantha Brinkman, #1) – Marcia Clark

Date Completed :Jan 03 2017 on Kindle unlimited  ( 3 stars)

Genre : Mystery (Lawyer)

I know it seems like too many completed on the same day but there is no telling when i started them.

This book was better than the last rated one because it has a few ahha moments which you do not like yourself liking but you do ( If you get the gist) . The Heroine is given an almost impossible task with everything stacked against her. She uses her skills to link some of issues with each other in order to resolve them. The story by itself does not give you too many leads to wrap up the case and many times catches you unawares ( at least it did me, i might change the tense for future reviews) I would rate it more innovative than most in its category. Also the lead lady is not really likeable in the traditional sense with her own issues. If you are used to slightly troubled minds in books this would be one to try



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