Chick lit, Drama, Fantasy, Feel good

January (5th,8th,9th, 10th)

The Void of Muirwood ( The Covenant of Muirwood #3)  – Jeff Wheeler

Date Read : 5th Jan 2017 On kindle unlimited ( 4 Stars)

Genre : Fantasy

Jeff Wheeler is the latest author whose books i am devouring at a fast pace recently. He has created different world with the base concept of a higher power which is some element or the other which ‘flows’ through the characters involved. This particular series was the second series of muirwood for me. The third book picks up the pace after the second in order to give a sufficient conclusion to the series.  The book draws on loyalty and roles of the lead characters . It is a culmination of the discovery of Maia’s powers in the earlier books and  the forever battle of good vs evil. Read the Legend of Muirwood series before tackling this

Curran Glen – Mabry, Donna Foley

Date Read : 8th Jan 2017 On kindle unlimited ( 3 Stars)

Genre: Historical feel Good

This is book 6 of the Manhattan series though it only ties up to its predecessor in terms of storyline.

It is a big improvement on the previous book in every way. The first book contained dull characters with not much going for them as well as the lead being shown as a hellion with just her ‘wild ways’ but without the buildup to go with it. This particular conclusion has a higher emotional quotient and though it seems to clash with the idea of a person of 17/18 behaving the way we would expect an older person to, it is a good read. The story is about how D’Arcy fights adversity to make sure her farm survives along with all those who work for her. Her distaste for he sister’s marriage seems  irrational but everyone seems to take it in their stride. Apart from that, her growth as an adult who matters was worth the read.( Also the happily ever after helped 🙂 )

Out of Focus (An Adams Grove Novel Book 2) – Naigle, Nancy 

Date Read : 9th Jan 2017 On kindle unlimited ( 4 Stars)

Genre : Feel Good (Mystery!)

The series started off as feel good chick lit but with a twist. Each of the books of this series has a mystery of sorts. Some predictable and some not. This one was slightly predictable only because of the lack of extraneous characters. The lead lady is a photographer by profession and a happy person at the beginning. The story spans multiple months and leads to her arrival into the adams grove community. Though at the end of the book you cannot be certain with which of the men in the story she would end up with ( believe me that is NOT the mystery) it is still feel good. Her son has vanished into thin air and initially we easily suspect the husband being involved in it but further revelations can confuse you further. On the whole, the chase is strong and the people interesting. Would go well with your hot chocolate !

All the Breaking Waves – Lonsdale, Kerry 

Date Read : 9th Jan 2017 On kindle unlimited ( 3 Stars)

Genre : Drama

The story is of Molly facing her fears and the inevitable in her daughter Cassie’s ‘powers’. Though there is presence of the supernatural in a sense within the baseline of the story, it focuses more on how different people deal with the familial situations. Since it largely focuses on Molly realizing her ultimate responsibilities, it could come under the feel good criteria. It has darker undertones since you cannot alter some of the character flaws in those you perceive as wrongdoers. On the whole a reasonably good read

The Bride Wore Size 12 (Heather Wells, #5) – Cabot, Meg

Date Read : 9th Jan 2017  ( 3 Stars)

Genre : Chick lit(Mystery)

I term this Meg Cabot book under chick lit because of the language used. It is a breeze to quickly finish. As usual in the Heather Wells series, there is a murder in the dorm. This seems to be the end of the series with Heather stumbling onto the conclusion with good reasoning skills under pressure. It is very difficult to spot the culprit and you end up identifying him/her at the same time as Heather so it feels good. The entire series was a fun read . It has the classic good chick lit equation, fun people and decent flow in the storyline

The Sunflower – Evans, Richard Paul

Date Read : 10th Jan 2017  ( 4 Stars)

Genre :Feel Good (?)

The writing of Richard Paul Evans is too good to rate under feel good but i cannot label it under just plain fiction either. It has strong people working on humanitarian grounds for the betterment of children in Peru but also to overcome their inner demons. They, at some point stop looking inwards to calculate on how them doing work for others is making them feel better. Leaving their altruism thoughts aside they just ride with the flow and the storyline makes you happy and sad in turns as you go along with it. I rate it higher, more because of the author than this particular story, to be truthful. During the read i enjoyed it and while thinking back about it, it is like grasping straws of what fascinated me enough to rate it higher than average but i am leaving it that way by trusting my rating of that day.

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