Chick lit, Drama, Thriller

January 12

Hidden (Bone Secrets. #1) – Elliot, Kendra

Genre : Thriller (Kindle unlimited 3 Stars)

This series came out before the Callaghan and McLane series and has a bigger cast and  is slightly more convoluted than the latter series. It involves cold cases and relationships and also the background of Michael Brody the reporter. Their stories will not be repeated in the rest of the series but they will keep appearing and playing out their designation

It is slightly hard to guess who the culprit is and what he would do next for the sole reason that we are not introduced to all the players. But there is a surprise element that we could not have imagined. It is slightly twisted in terms of the case and not for the faint hearted but the good triumphs at the end if that helps!

Say Goodbye for Now – Hyde, Catherine Ryan

Genre : Drama (Kindle unlimited 5 Stars)

Catherine Ryan Hyde is a great author in terms of the long format ( I have tried her short stories and have not even been close to being impressed 😦 ) . The story is based in a time we have only read about in books and there is a new black family in Texas and the community reacts atrociously. Like all her books, the lead character( to someone close to him) is slightly inept in the social sense. In this story, it is Pete who tries to lead a life where he feels like he is always doing the right thing despite what the rest of the world throws at him. Since most people who know me can attest, if i laugh to cry with a book, the author has achieved their purpose in drawing me into their web and like a majority of her work, this one did as well.

Spackled and Spooked (A Do-It-Yourself Mystery, #2) – Bentley, Jennie

Genre : Chick Lit (Mystery) ( Rating 3 Stars)

I read this book without having read the previous one and therefore was a little lost in connecting to the lead lady, Avery Baker. The writing is simplistic and therefore qualifies for me under the tag of chick lit but then again the mystery was well formed.

I could guess the person 3/4th of the way to the ending ( that’s not bragging believe me! because i rate the author by how much they manage to take you for a ride and how much you enjoy that ride) Overall a pretty good book , one whose level i would have hoped to achieve if i had ever actually written a mystery novel.




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