Feel good, Mystery

January 14th

Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes – Naigle, Nancy

Genre : Feel Good (Mystery) (Kindle Unlimited 3 stars)

This is the next installment of the Adams grove series. It does not follow the previous book in terms of storyline but actually works with people introduced in the first book of the series. The story is not rated under chick lit for the sole reason that there is more soul in the book than an average chick lit. Hence the need for a different tag for such books. Here there is a murder at an inappropriate time of an unknown visitor who behaves very shadily. I would have rated this book higher if the story wrapped up better. There were one or two threads not addressed even towards the end which forced my hand during rating. (spoiler alert) Again in this case unless you fall for red herrings tossed into your path, the culprit is pretty self evident. Then again, the mystery is not really why you would pick up a book in this genre so it is worth the time it takes.
Calamity Town – Queen, Ellery

Genre : Mystery (3 Stars)

Ellery Queen is a pseudonym used both by the authors who wrote this book and the lead character in this story.He is trying to get an idea for a new novel and heads to a small town incognito. But different people tied together by familial obligations clash in this book and it is hard to figure out where the book is heading, Slow moving in comparison to the others on this blog so far but equally worth a read.




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