Chick lit, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Random Fiction, Thriller

Jan 25th-30th

Now that i am reaching my self appointed goal of typing current reviews when the wounds are still fresh, and the fact that i have not closed up shop and also shared this top secret blog with actual people who know me, i am going to step it up ( Since it is almost dinner… Continue reading Jan 25th-30th

Drama, Feel good

Jan 22nd-24th

Finding Libbie: A Novel - Sletten, Deanna Lynn  Genre : Drama ( KIndle unlimited, 3 stars) The story is a little like Kuch Kuch Hota hai with a longer married life for Shahrukh and Rani. The writing is good and the story while totally expected is a reasonably good read The Woman on the Orient Express… Continue reading Jan 22nd-24th