Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller

Jan 18th – 22nd

As you the reader might have noticed if coming sequentially would be that the delivery of the information has become more haphazard in an attempt to cram more into the post and reach the current date as fast as possible. Also to avoid any segues into random rants.I do not necessarily see a purpose to anyone reading these posts since it is of no apparent value, entertainment or otherwise. Also that there are so many bloggers that people might rather catch up on. Maybe i will develop a more unique style that would make this worth a visit( maybe not) but now to head back to book territories ( yup..most probably not)


The Queen’s Poisoner (Kingfountain, #1) – Wheeler, Jeff

Genre : Fantasy ( Kindle unlimited, rated it 3 stars)

Jeff wheeler has differed from the muirwood series by spanning far more years and generations in this book. Also the power referenced here is the fountain. This series focuses more on kingdoms, annexations and all the other manipulations involved with the feudal system. By this time i have completely converted into using the free narration to complete books in record time and to live the war with different voices ( i would have never succeeded at doing that! ) This first book is but a doorway into the next two and is not as good as the next ones. But finish it in order to move on!

Chilled (Bone Secrets, #2) – Elliot, Kendra

Genre : Thriller (Kindle unlimited , rated it 3 stars)

This particular book is a little disconnected with the rest of the series but it more packed with twists and issues. There is a murderer on the loose and in a snow storm. A  rescue team has to battle the elements and the convict in order to return alive! (oooh)

Hope’s Peak (Harper and Lane, #1) – Healey, Tony

Genre : Mystery ( kindle unlimited , 2 stars)

This book lacks the depth required for the tale. The case by itself did not make too much sense since like in many cases you are not aware of all the players and if the author goes and then he killed, you will follow it up with okaaay..and then move on. I am guessing another book will follow this, here’s hoping that it will be more interesting than this one.


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