Drama, Feel good

Jan 22nd-24th

Finding Libbie: A Novel – Sletten, Deanna Lynn 

Genre : Drama ( KIndle unlimited, 3 stars)

The story is a little like Kuch Kuch Hota hai with a longer married life for Shahrukh and Rani. The writing is good and the story while totally expected is a reasonably good read

The Woman on the Orient Express – Ashford, Lindsay Jayne

Genre : Drama ( KIndle unlimited, 3 stars)

I am usually not a big fan of the utilization of real characters to create fiction because it blurs the lines and you start to question what you do know. But if well written, it can be fun too. This story pick up after the real life Agatha Christie’s nervous breakdown and when she decided to travel on the orient express . ( She really did meet her second husband on one such trip , i was amazed to find out that i did not know! ) THe tale includes multiple characters, some real and some imaginary , lots of going- ons and is a pretty good book. Something though ( for me ) stopped it short from being a 4 star rating ( It is times like this i wish i could rate stuff with decimal points, at other times i am sure i want to keep that pandora’s box open)

Always Chloe and Other Stories – Hyde, Catherine Ryan

Genre : Drama (  Kindle unlimited 2 stars)

This was a big let down as compared to her amazing complete novels. Not only because her lead characters were crass, they were not deep enough to like or even completely dislike. I forced myself to finish hoping for something better later on which never came. I did try another of her short stories later on and not complete. The latter thus did not make this list.

Mint Juleps and Justice (Adams Grove #5) – Naigle, Nancy

Genre : Feelgood adventure ( Kindle unlimited 3 stars)

This particular book of the series tracks the tale of two completely new people so it can be read as a separate book altogether. The villain(s) of this piece are identified early on so there is no mystery to this piece. If you do read this as part of the series you will be given extra points if you identify smaller people introduced in the earlier series who you never thought you would see again . Don’t forget the hot chocolate


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