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Jan 25th-30th

Now that i am reaching my self appointed goal of typing current reviews when the wounds are still fresh, and the fact that i have not closed up shop and also shared this top secret blog with actual people who know me, i am going to step it up ( Since it is almost dinner time i cross my fingers that i do achieve this lofty ambition)

Also in case i have not mentioned this before all the ratings are the ones i placed on goodreads


Dexter: An Omnibus (Dexter, #1-3) – Lindsay, Jeff

Genre : Thriller (?) 4 stars

I did try to watch this series on tv a while ago and apart from the moral ambiguity it was very weird. As understood from the above statement i did not pursue it. I picked out this book for two reasons. a) It was big and 3 books in one b) i was trying to confirm if the old adage that print is the better form of media representation held true or not. In any case i was pleasantly surprised. The story is not very hitech or even extremely impressive. But the sarcasm ( yes we are back to sarcasm!! ) and actual comic timing of a soulless ( self proclaimed) person was pretty fun to read. A few chuckles escaped me which is more than i could say for the series. Its a fun read ( again not for the morally superior people or even the tenderhearted. You need to be a professional gore reader to digest this)

Tears of the Giraffe (No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, #2) – McCall Smith, Alexander 

Genre : Random fiction . 4 stars( i know ! i had a good week!)

This is a story that takes some getting used to, Precious Ramotswe is a person who endears herself to you over time and when you get used to how the story is unfolding. It is funny in turns and though touted as a detective agency, the cases are the least of the content. Botswana if anything like that depicted in the book is pretty interesting. THe series is worth your time.

The Thief’s Daughter (Kingfountain, #2) – Jeff Wheeler 

Genre : Fantasy ( kindle unlimited 4 stars)

The second book picks up where the first left off albeit with a few years in the intermission. Owen is older more matured and equally more conflicted. He fights the battles both internal and external some with the help of the new poisoner and some with Lady Elizabeth Mortimer.( If you read the series you will understand the need for the italicisation) I heard most of this vs actually reading, which emphasized their feelings which equalled my imagination of it.( Yes, i shed quite a few tears with them)

Sunshine on Scotland Street (44 Scotland Street, #8) – McCall Smith, Alexander

Genre: Drama ( 3 stars)

The last book i read in the series ( not in order) was the importance of being 7. That was more fun than this one. I struggled initially to connect because i had forgotten most of the people on the street. They had to work their way back to me. This is just a continuation of the people on the street with changes ( people getting married, travelling,Bertie’s dad’s new found power) but none of them aging a day.

Thud! (Discworld, #34) – Pratchett, Terry

Genre : Fantasy ( 4 Stars)

I reconnected with my Terry Pratchett phase and sat through the book without my fickle attention wavering. I enjoyed every minute of it. There is trouble brewing between the Trolls and the Dwarves. The city watch and most of its members are caught between this and trying to maintain peace in a city which does not completely accept their rols all the time. Death makes one small entry unlike a few of the other books where his wit is more elaborately used.

Midnight Exposure (Midnight, #1) – Leigh, Melinda 

Genre : Thriller.( 3 stars kindle unlimited)

This is a start of a new series with a person in the wrong place at the wrong time and comes under the scrutiny of a crazed person. The rest of the case unravels as expected but has reasonably interesting lead roles and you are confused in the middle with red herrings but then most authors attempt those subversive methods.

Buried (Bone Secrets, #3) – Elliot, Kendra

Genre : Thriller.( 3 stars kindle unlimited)

This is an unexpectedly good book in the series. We get to know Michael Brody and his past and the book has many unexpected twists. One or two of which you are sure to foresee but that only gives you the added advantage of patting yourself on the back. There is a cold case which is reopened due to gruesome findings which opens more than a few can of worms but happily ever after is definitely in the future although they have to fight for it.

A Certain Ambiguity: A Mathematical Novel – Suri, Gaurav

Genre: Serious fiction ( 2 stars)

This came highly recommended by a friend and i very enthusiastically began and then realised the discussions which form the core of the book was not my cup of tea.Initially i did read and enjoy and think on the work mentioned, then I found my attention slipping and towards the end i even ( to my shame) skipped parts of the forays into mathematics. Maybe someday i will tackle it again with Rama ( my husband) and relive my school mathematics and beyond but in the zone i am in right now it did not click 😦

Flash and Bones (Temperance Brennan, #14)- Reichs, Kathy

Genre: Mystery/Thriller ( 3 stars)

Being a big fan of the Bones series, i started reading the books that ‘inspired’ the series last year. I say inspired because it is a very loose interpretation of the book. The series has a completely different Temperance Brennan with different priorities and morals. The Temperance Brennan in the book is a hardened invidual who has many more emotions than shown on screen. Also initially it took a while to sort through reading the book. Primarily because there are multiple cases simultaneously clamouring for her attention. It involves multiple roles in multiple cities and even Canada! This book is no different. There are unsolved disappearances and unclaimed and vanishing bones, but she perseveres even though it does not bode well for her safety

Walking Sam – Sletten, Deanna Lynn

Genre: Chick lit ( Kindle unlimited 3 stars)

This is simple story of two people with similar interests who bond over walking ( it has been so long since i have checked my spellings, turns out i need autocorrect more than i realized) Ryan’s ambiguously named dog Sam. There are few bumps along the way ( when aren’t there) and then the happily ever after ( Maybe i used call it HEA hereafter, lets see)

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