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Feb 1st -12th

Almost there! I will include the book i finished last night ( it had crossed midnight but it must have been Feb 12th somewhere!)

Frederica – Heyer, Georgette

Genre : Regency fiction ( KIndle unlimited 5 stars!)

I wouldn’t label this a regency romance per se. Only because of the finesse involved. I was encouraged to try Heyer in college by a friend. I did not pay as much attention to her recommendation as i should have. Also, i think my attention span to actually absorb large complicated sentences and twisted humour. It was a fun read and though the story is as expected and people will behave the way you expect them to, its the conversations that take place and the assessment of their fellow people that makes this book different.

The King’s Traitor (Kingfountain, #3) – Wheeler, Jeff

Genre : Fantasy ( Kindle unlimited 4 stars)

This was the final book of the tales and tribulations of Owen Kiskaddon . There are more twists in this book than the first two combined. All our favourite people ( mine at least) have aged and changed with the environment. There are final battles to be fought and lots of older tales finally unraveled. I was a little sad to see it end.

Barbecue and Bad News (Adams Grove, #6) – Naigle, Nancy

Genre : Feel good ( kindle unlimited 3 stars)

Also the final book so far printed in this series, Sheriff Calvin finally gets his happily ever after and the remnants of the previous case are tied up. There is nothing new in this book that there was not in earlier ones but the lead lady made a bigger impact than some of the previous heroines. There are no more single people to continue the series though so i am guessing this was really the last of it.

Alone (Bone Secrets, #4) – Elliot, Kendra

Genre : Thriller ( Kindle Unlimited 3 stars)

This is also the tail end of the series with the revelation of the backstory of the last single character. It had a pretty predictable ending but was in no way a bad book.(Not much more can be said of this book )

Morality for Beautiful Girls (No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, #3)- McCall Smith, Alexander

Genre: Random Fiction( 3 stars)

The ladies detective agency is floundering and  J.L.B. Matekoni seems to be ill. Everything put together has Precious Ramotswe keeping busier than she would like. There was the unnecessary presence of a lion child which does nothing much to add to the story line. But you read this series mostly for the conversations between the people introduced to us so you should not expect a scintillating time.

The Christmas Sweater – Beck, Glenn 

Genre: Drama ( 3 stars)

This book rating was a fight between 3 and 2 stars for me. There was a lack of depth in the stubborn fight put up by Eddie. The emotional turmoil was quite twisted in theory but there was that something missing in the telling which did not make me as sad as it should have ( I know it is not a very specific barometer) Eddie learns about accepting the gifts life does provides despite his attraction to other people’s material trappings

Dexter by Design (Dexter, #4) – Lindsay, Jeff

Genre: Thriller(?) 3 stars

Dexter is threatened yet again with exposure when he crosses paths with a wannabe criminal. There is a very blah feel to this narration, it does not seem to match up to the first three i had read despite the usual quirky dialogue delivery.  ( I find it hard to relegate most books to the below 3 stars category even if they are skating perilously close to it )

Monday Mourning: A Novel – Reichs, Kathy

Genre: Thriller 3 stars

I have always wondered if i rate the books as intellectuals do with the quality of writing etc. The force of having enjoyed the story is pretty strong. If the book made me unhappy without sufficiently punishing the bad guys or finding a silver lining, i tend to make the choice of not appreciating it as much as some one ( one of you reading this, if any , would do) This was a good story with no distraction ( at least not too many) from the main plot line. The case is gruesome in its own way but the case works its way through.

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