Feel good, Mystery

Feb 17th

The Trapped Girl (Tracy Crosswhite #4) – Dugoni, Robert 

Genre: Mystery ( Kindle unlimited 4 stars)

This is another installment ( looks like the last ) of Tracy Crosswhite who has by now solved her sister’s disappearance but is yet to come to terms with it. This is a well twisted book. I thought i was being clever when i realized something before it was revealed but then it turns out it was just another trick! The author has sprinkled in sentiment in between which does not seem out of place. The lesser said about the plot, the better but definitely worth a read.

The Christmas List – Evans, Richard Paul

Genre : Feel good ( 4 stars)

Yes i made another trip to the library finally! but it also means there will be a collection of not so highly rated books since for some reason i was not stumbling on the right books!

In any case this book is a version of the christmas carol and i am a sucker for redemption seeking stories, the good guy was still present somewhere etc. This is a typical Richard Paul Evans book with heartfelt apologies and how everything will turn out all right in the end.I wept with James Kier and for that alone i give it the 4 stars

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