Feel good, Non Fiction

Chicken Soup for the Writers soul

I never thought i would need a Non-fiction genre in my list but i just had to add one!!

Let me clarify there was no underlying reason for me to pick this book. Despite what this blog may suggest to a handful few ( yes, i had to qualify that as well) i hold no hidden or apparent aspirations to be a published writer in the true sense of that word. Those were childish dreams where i thought i could spin a yarn with the most outlandish names so that no one would suspect themselves of being the annoying characters. I picked this book because there is a standard reputation that goes along with the Chicken Soup.. series. Most stories are heartfelt, almost all of them true. As i mentioned in my previous not very well thought of blog ( trying to write a review to distract yourself from a temperature and a headache was not a very good idea) i was unable to lay my hands on books that made me want to run home and read. I have a slightly fool proof method of doing this.

  1. A very aesthetically pleasing and well thought of cover
  2. Possibly known author
  3. Good synopsis on the jacket/back cover

Yes, i do go by that order because there are fascinating ways how authors make their cover pages intriguing, the colour choices and such do add a bit of finesse to the whole package. The bestselling lists and other related things have not provided me with adequate satisfaction in the past and i all but ignore them.

So, the bottomline was that i knew and recognized the series and had not read this particular one. It was a good read but not great. It was more about the discipline angle than any other and repetitive mention of it makes it colder. There is nothing too endearing about emotionless discipline. But there were those few stories that were good and if you are a fan of the series then definitely try it.

3 Stars


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