Random Fiction

Man and Boy (Harry Silver, #1) Parsons, Tony

If you have come to this post after reading the previous one for today ( as you ought to!) you would know about books being left behind for no complete fault of theirs. I almost treated this book as the same and moved on to the remaining 5 books from the library. But i persevered.… Continue reading Man and Boy (Harry Silver, #1) Parsons, Tony

Historical fiction

The Foundling- Georgette Heyer

Kindle Unlimited -4 stars I was very ashamed to realize that i enjoyed or completed the previous Georgette Heyer book in one sitting because of the amazing narration that came along with it. This particular book ( another recommendation by a friend)  felt longer than expected. It was a tale of The Duke of Sale… Continue reading The Foundling- Georgette Heyer