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Man and Boy (Harry Silver, #1) Parsons, Tony

If you have come to this post after reading the previous one for today ( as you ought to!) you would know about books being left behind for no complete fault of theirs. I almost treated this book as the same and moved on to the remaining 5 books from the library. But i persevered. Gave it 3 stars . Will definitely not be reading the next in the series despite being remotely curious about what would happen and how.

My problem with the book was that it all starts with a restless man feeling that he is becoming old as well as the fact that he is not having fun in life. The mindset makes him cheat which causes the rest of the tale to unravel. Never again, until almost the very end does he or anyone else mention to anyone that he made the first wrong move! He says his parents liked his wife , Gina but they don’t reprimand him for his part in the fiasco. It may seem like a small thing but when filling out a role, if there is morality in it anywhere, then it has to be consistent. The lead, Harry is not a complete individual ( story wise) he seems to be missing some angles to his behaviour and thought process( since the narration includes his thoughts) Some of the event seem very random and seem to exist only to make the story move on. I did not enjoy the book and will be changing the rating after this post to 2 stars. I do not know why i gave it 3, since trying to describe my reading of this book seems to not be giving me any good vibes at all! If i do read the next book it might be to see if Harry’s character has been improved upon ( i do not mean good vs evil way). Goodreads rates the second book even lower though so i am guessing that might not be the case.

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