Historical fiction

The Foundling- Georgette Heyer

Kindle Unlimited -4 stars

I was very ashamed to realize that i enjoyed or completed the previous Georgette Heyer book in one sitting because of the amazing narration that came along with it. This particular book ( another recommendation by a friend)  felt longer than expected. It was a tale of The Duke of Sale finding out his own capabilities and limits. But that feeling faded somewhere midway through the book when the pace and comedy of errors took a life of their own. Anyone who would pick this book would have to do it for the writing. It is the comic timing of the writer that makes you go along for the ride. It is a pretty good book and has multiple characters whose behaviour changes with time and situation which adds to the circus.

To elaborate on the beginning of this review, i have come to realize that i am severely lacking in the ability to read any book past a point or in one sitting unless they have one of the following

  1. Simple faced paced story.
  2. Good writing that moves fast even if the story doesn’t ( I’m sure there are those of you who know what that means)
  3. I have a sudden breakthrough after a talk with my patience.

As the number of books i can lay my hands on have increased i feel more obliged to abandon books if they do not please me enough initially. I have had two such sad attempts just this past week. Hopefully there will be an upward spiral soon.

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