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What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

I do not know if i should give a new genre to this book in my reviews, titled scientific or something similar ( Yes i was tempted to write etc immediately after the only genre name i could think of) Then again this will probably be the only one of its kind that i would ever read. This book has been a labour in its completion. Only because we read a question or two a day and hashed it out amongst us ( Rama and me)

I gave this book 5 stars for a multitude of reasons.

  1. It was a great book!                                                                                                                                ( My mother once took a course on dyslexia and how things can be more elaborately explained in order for the mind to absorb better. I had fallen in love with mind maps then. Since this is but a wordpress post and i do not have the patience to use the amazing stuff available with the surface pro at this time to draw the train of thought, i will stick to bullets, numbered and otherwise) It was a great book
  2. If anyone has followed xkcd comics and know about its author and the elite crowd his brain comes from you will have a whole new appreciation for clever humour.
  3. The book is a list of absurd questions directed to him over a long period of time and he has given scientific explanations complete with equations and words i remember from 4 years of high school physics and chemistry ( one example :I was so excited to hear the word enthalpy! it felt all tingly to remember a time so long ago)There were so many such cases that i felt like maybe i did not just spend four years just passing school but actually registered something ( yay me! )
  4. There is a section in between which includes wierd/worrying questions which are pretty hilarious, because it points to priorities of some people.
  5. Last but not the least, all explanations, questions and almost every page or postscript contains a relevant comic panel which just adds to the joy of the read.


On a more somber note there was a thought that went through my mind about my last bad review. I considered what the purpose of giving a bad review was. I could say i did not like the book. If i considered that everything in this world was all good and neat, i would say that if people disagreed with why i disliked a book they might still pick it up. I hardly think that could be true though. Here is a published author who has books in his name being circulated worldwide, and little ‘ol me judging and commenting. One of the main reasons that it took me so long to start this blog at all was that i considered negative berating very addictive and totally unnecessary. After all this equally unnecessary analysis i have come to the conclusion that if i do give another bad review i will not feel any power or joy from it ( i admit to a flicker of it previously) and feel sufficient respect for the author when i write out the reviews )

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