206 Bones (Temperance Brennan, #12) -Reichs, Kathy

The trouble with reading this series was that i am yet to follow the proper pattern i reserve for almost every series i read.Which makes me slightly confused when i start a book every time.  I would not label this a thriller because apart from the intermittent references to Tempe’s precarious life threatening situation, not enough is said and the time duration of the threat not long enough to push this into the thriller category. Also when there is no insight into the villain’s mind, you treat a book differently.

So apart from the slight off balance feel when i try to come to terms with whatever stage Tempe is in her relationships with everyone in her life( It does change a lot) i did enjoy the book. I liked it enough to give it 4/5 stars.

The plot is simple, there seems to be someone out to blacken Tempe’s standing as a proper forensic anthropologist. Over the duration of the story, it is made to look like she is incompetent, deliberately hiding information to wrap up cases and forgetful. She has to fight this as well as find a pattern in a string of murders and catch the person responsible( She does most of the conclusive analyzing in her mind and not detective Ryan! ) This story is based almost entirely in Montreal and her life there but a good read. Of course if  anyone is planning on pursuing this series i would definitely recommend going the right way about it  and read book no. 1 first and follow on in the same fashion

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