The Steel Kiss (Lincoln Rhyme, #12) -Deaver, Jeffery

I have had a more productive week than i thought possible when i first brought home my haul two weeks ago( I am this accurate with my timeline because i just extended my books from the library despite the fact that i had finished them for the sole reason that i did not want to go out and return them )

It has been brought to my notice by non goodreads readers that i have been giving my ratings and not defining the denominator. So i will start to say 5/5 if that is the rating.

This particular book is a thriller which i gave 4/5 stars only because it did not fascinate me enough to jump up and down and give a full 5 stars. But logically speaking it ticks all the boxes. I was amazed to realize halfway through when they made references to some pretty recent things, that this book was published just last year! Also, i had the misfortune of reading an earlier book by Jeffery Deaver which i abandoned two chapters in last month. All the above statements have been made to emphasize that this was a pretty good book!

The story as most of the Lincoln Rhyme series books i have read, focuses on a digitally connected threat. There is an escalator malfunction that gets the ball rolling. Since Rhyme had refused to work criminal cases, he was roped in to confirm who could be sued for the mishap.As the case progresses, twists and turns, Sachs and Rhyme start working together again. There are two other characters involved, an Ex of Sachs and a new Quadriplegic called Archer both of whom might be causing rifts in the dynamics between the lead pair ( Read to find out more 😉 )

I labelled the book a thriller because it has the right ingredients, a killer with eyes on person out to catch them, a cop possibly up to no good and of course an actual attack and chase. But everything wraps up neatly and you feel like the time spent with this book was worth it. If you are already a fan of the series, this is a good addition to the same .

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