The Maid’s War (Kingfountain #0.5) – Jeff Wheeler

This book is supposed to be an introduction cum explanation of the loose strings that are to be found in the Kingfountain series.

I gave this book 3/5 stars and liked it only to some extent.

I read this book after reading the Kingfountain series (As you would know if you are reading my blog posts in order, i beg of you please do, order makes sense! )

“The Maid” mentioned as the all powerful disciple of the fountain who is said to have seen all that happens in the future is mentioned several times in the Kingfountain series and referred to by most people in the most reverential terms. So the description provided to the Queen’s poisoner ( who at the time is still the King’s poisoner) and the story that goes along with the Maid is disappointing . The book is good by itself. It tales a tale of a people who have faith in the ultimate higher power in their realm ( i mean Godlike and not a King or Queen) and the fears they have to conquer , both their own and of their followers.

I would advise all who read this book to make sure that the Kingfountain series is next ( or you should have already finished it) . Without that additional support, this book would not feel complete.


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