The Frozen Lake – Edmondson, Elizabeth

This book was labelled as a Vintage Mystery based in the Pre World War II era. I gave it 3 stars ( Out of 5).

I heard more of this book( Kindle unlimited) than read it and an excellent narrator can draw you in. The British accent added to the charm. I enjoyed all but the tail end of the book when human viciousness reared its ugly head and i wished i had not completed the book. There are books that leave a sour taste in your mouth despite being termed ” good books” ( I could not erase the bitterness of reading The Kite Runner for quite a while. We actually planned outings in the college hostel the day someone finished the book to dispel the glooms ) .Why read such books is a pretty obvious question, and there is no answer to that. Most murder mystery books and their ilk concentrate so hard on the capture, pursuit and the punishing of the villains that we do not feel the bite but there are some things that never go away. If you are someone like me, i would recommend not starting this book.

It was a well written book with some expected and some unexpected twist and the whole setup is pretty elaborate and well done . We are introduced to two families, neighbours, in parts. Individual units of the families are first shown in their natural habitat and their collective presence at the Frozen lake in the north of England which froze the last time 16 or so years ago. The people involved in the story are varied , each come with their own baggage. We are shown the gaps in memory of what occurred the last time the lakes froze, and Alix ( In some ways we could consider her a lead character ) is very determined to find out what it was that people were refusing to share with them. There are extraneous events that only remotely connect to the events unfolding in Wyncrag ( the main domain of the family). This just adds to the overall picture, draws out the ending  but in a good way.

The truth is revealed towards the end ( I know this is but obvious) and all have to now live with the consequences of the information that they have ( this is the part that soured me) Due to the fact that the author spun a good tale, i am going to try another vintage mystery and see if i like that better than this, since i almost gave this 4 or even the full 5 stars if the end ( i had started to expect it unfortunately ) did not turn out the way i did

P.S Looking back I do realize that I have put the review in such a way that I might evoke and fan the interest of people in the book!. The author is good, so try some other book of hers like i am going to

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