Known – Kendra Elliot ( Bone Secrets#5)

Kindle unlimited – 4 stars

This is a big relief to review after the last book. I assumed the series was complete since the last known single character was paired off. But it was a surprising addition to the series.

Chris Jacobs as he is preferred to be known was introduced in one of the more complicated and twisted stories of the series ( I think about two books ago, would need to check but i definitely reviewed it here in this blog)  With his sad past and all the scars that he carries it seems hard that he could have a happily ever after, but this is his. Since the retirement of the elder Dr Campbell in the medical examiners office a newer position has opened up and Gianna Trask is to fill that position. An unknown person may or may not be targeting her daughter and her. We are aware of his obsession with her ( since we hear his twisted thoughts , and hence this is labelled a thriller more than a mystery ) and the chase commences. Over bad weather and research into a past that Gianna hardly remembers and stray red herrings thrown in to distract us, this was one of the better books of the series. Also at the end, we are aware that Chris has more than his son to concentrate on and can finally sleep better ( Not that the past goes away but it is more reassuring to see that the character is at least happy. And yes I know these are but stories but you have to know me to understand these reactions)


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