Midnight Betrayal (Midnight, #3)- Leigh, Melinda

As my father pointed out I am yet to actually mention my name in any section of this blog. Since I personally point out its existence to others, I took for granted that it made sense.

I resolutely decide at this point to find and fill the contact sheet to make sure if by a stray chance ( I have not given much leeway for this since I am yet to broadcast this blog in my currently dormant facebook account or in any other way) some stranger stumbles upon this blog, admires it so much that they want to offer me a job which pays big bucks to review books , they would not know who or what I am!

I am mentally laughing really hard at the above image . The internet is full of people ready to spew their thoughts for free, ( as I am doing, I may have started reluctantly but this is addictive) it seems a remote possibility someone would pay for this.

Along those lines is this book . I read it on Kindle unlimited and gave it 3 stars. Kindle unlimited has quite a few great books in their retinue but some which are meant for a subscription of this sort. The kind you read, enjoy , maybe even gasp once or twice but overall never plan to keep on your shelf for long.

This is the last in the Midnight series. This also involves celtic artifacts and signs in the murders committed. The two lead characters are being implicated by an unknown in a hoodie. Before the police put them behind bars they have to find the real culprit and of course live happily ever after.

I think I am done with this author at this time, and am trying to move to greener pastures.

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