Sci Fi

The Atlantis Gene (The Origin Mystery, #1) – Riddle, A.G.

This book had the usual selling point of having been translated to multiple languages and also to have been on some list or another. All I could hope midway through reading the book, that they would not try to make a movie from this because all would cringe while watching it. I got some of that effect since I was listening to it for the most part in Audible ( I have started picking those books in Kindle unlimited that give me that luxury for what i am sure many refer to as hands free reading) ( I do realize you do not necessarily have to hold a book to read but you do need something to turn the page be it digital or otherwise)

The above rant does not mean the book is  bad , it has promise of a sort and I am hoping that the second of the series would redeem it of the flaws i see in this one. ( I did give it 3 stars after all)

There is semi fictional scientific information put in and genes mentioned constantly to ensure we remember what the book is about. There is a plot centuries in the making and there are common threads being run through multiple catastrophes which have actually occurred in reality . There is the ‘Atlantis Gene’ which may or may not exist in the book world ( as opposed to our own real world where I am pretty sure no such research is taking place. If you know of such a thing please let me know, I would be more than interested)

The protagonists in the story , one a Doctor working on Autism( with a shifty history that is revealed in layers and the other an ex CIA operative who is facing the end of his own clandestine world operation. It is the number of twists and the lack of new players that made me feel this was rather dull and not building up to anything too exciting.

They travel to multiple parts of the eastern hemisphere  and trying to unravel the plot, figure out the key players and what to do next.The end of the world as we know it is coming either due to the unknown Atlantians or the ex Nazi soldiers.  If you like experimenting, read this book, else wait for my next book in the series review and then decide if you ever plan to pick this book up.

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