Historical fiction

Black Sheep – Heyer, Georgette

I seriously considered waiting till I had more than one in a single category in order to make it easier to browse in the future. But then I recollected an ad for some tea, ( bear with the tangent) In this ad, a radio jockey has been given a slot which does not receive much calls and then decides that that would be its selling point where people could call in and mouth off and complain about people because to paraphrase ” no one was listening “. That is my case at this time as well. I have been very reticent and deliberately treating this almost like a public version of a private diary and therefore have only shared it with a select few. Considering its content and the frequency of my updates, I have actually seen no one checking out more than one post at a time ( usually there is just that one time) . SO the point of this rant was to justify my writing separate posts per book for the sole reason that I would just be using this blog as an archive when I’m old and bent ( definitely bent, I do NOt have good posture) to laugh to myself and say ” Wow there was a time I could read ;)” , or some version of “I read so much once upon a time!”

Anyway going back the book, i gave it three stars on kindle unlimited.

I borrowed this book out of the available Georgette Heyers which were available with audible narration( it is more fun listening to an actual British accent with these stories than just plain reading)  The story was simple enough with the usual characters ( the lead pair) who do not identify with the people of their generation around them (mostly the twisted sense of humour) . Their respective niece and nephew are planning an elopement but the nephew is a fortune hunter. How the story unfolds is not one of nail biting proportions but it has its good spots. The usual satire included in her other books are largely present in this book as well, hence the 3 stars

I am now going to take a diversion and check out her murder mystery section ( I had borrowed one from the library ages ago and liked it). Am currently in between my first horror category book, more to come later

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