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In Twenty Years: A Novel – Scotch, Allison Winn

I had to get this book’s review down while the feelings it involved are still fresh in my mind. I gave this 4 stars and it was something i heard on kindle audible over the span of a week during preparation of dinner. I like the size of the Kindle in general but when it doesn’t fit in my pocket for easy mobility while I use the audible to cover my laziness in pursuing certain books, it annoys me and i wish it was just a bit smaller.

As a background to why I would enjoy the book, I have to let you know that it has been 11 years since I started my undergraduate degree and obviously 7 years since I completed and parted ways with the people( not completely  though, just that we are not stuck to each other’s sides like we were during that time) and that stage in life. It shaped, more than anything,  encouraged my habit of talking in the abstract. I know what it feels like when you say something completely random and the friend you are talking to does not need too much of an explanation in order to float out in the same boat to wherever that thought lead us. ( Actually luckily enough I have rediscovered that feeling in this ‘married aunty’ stage as well)

With this background I will now come to the point.( Please do not despair) . The book starts with describing a group of 6 friends who have been sharing a roof since their second semester at Penn and have become a family with the central focus being Bea who has seen more than her share of life. On the last day before they headed out to their adult lives, she makes them write out what they would tell themselves 20 years from then. But before that stipulated time multiple things unravel and they are all unhappy in their own tiny spheres which they have created. There are summons 19 years from their graduating year from the now Late Bea ( her lawyer sends them) to celebrate her birthday on the 4th of July together and they gather. But time has played its cruel trick and they struggle to find their way back, to being friends again and the people they always wanted to be. The book is not exactly great literature, I did not necessarily enjoy it in its entirety and would have liked certain tangles to not exist. The author obviously thought otherwise and points out that life doesn’t necessarily go the way we want it to( in this case like how I would have wanted some things to be different in the book) . The reason for the 4 star rating is because she managed to drive home the above point and we ( If you who read this , read the book too) get the feeling that the players in the book realize it also. There are several books with this theme ( It has the best ingredients) and I probably would rate them all well as long as they do not make me cringe too often at something.

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  1. What I meant to say was that that was maybe the coolest review I’ve read so far 🙂

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