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The Full Cupboard of Life (No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, #5) -McCall Smith, Alexander

This book is , as the title declares it to be,  the fifth installment of a very unique series. Precious Ramotswe is a very confident woman in Botswana with some set beliefs and very happy about being ‘traditionally’ built. In this book she is feeling restless at her long tenure as an engaged woman ( spoiler : they finally get married in this book) . There are uniquely funny conversations between the various people introduced to us in the previous books . Imagine watching two toddlers converse, either with signs or with babbling words, it makes us ( most of us , I would assume ) want to giggle at the sight. The conversations which take place in the book seem so absurd sometimes but you can see that the intent is anything but, My favourite part is of the people referring to late people as ‘late’ . I have only seen it a title in a proclamation and not in a sentence, for eg  ” My wife who is late” instead of the simpler ‘My Late wife’ is charming and adds to the flavour of the book. There is not much sleuthing to be done in this installment, but there is progress in all their characters . Not in the abstract growth way but tangible ways in which all of them are doing more with their life than in the previous book which somehow gives the confidence that life like that is actually possible.

I gave it four stars and will obviously be back after my next library trip with the next book in the series. If you have read this book till the 4th one, do not stop there, the series is not flagging yet.

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