The Melody Lingers On – Mary Higgins Clark

I was extremely excited to find a MHC book that I had not yet read. I even read it before the original book in queue ( Six Suspects- Vikas Swaroop) .

To give a background on what followed next I have to give a brief mention of what this author’s books meant to me. MHC was my first foray into psychological thrillers. The art of showing the unravelling of the human mind was fascinating to say the least. The depravity of the villains was of course hard to digest  but the good guys always won out. Each book had a strong female lead and very intelligent people and conversations. Her style of telling a story impressed me and I have spent many hours on reading through her list.

Considering what weight her books carried with me I was stunned one chapter into the book, I thought I must be imagining it and it may just go away but the writing was terrible ( considering what a big fan I am, I feel obliged to use such a word). It had none of the intrigue, or anything else for that matter. I finished it with great difficulty. It did not evoke any sort of emotion and I felt like the tale was being told to a child by one. It was disappointing to the extreme and I hope that her other releases these past few years might help me forget this book!

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