Lost Dog – Alan Russell

I am back after a short hiatus ( very short by some standards). This does not mean I have not been reading, as my Goodreads page would attest. I have decided to test my resolve and write reviews for an entire series if they are within my reach and have around 3 books in it ( so far so good) . There are about 3 or four such books ( come back soon to this page for the exciting reveal! ) and hopefully by next month I should have them here.

This book is the third in the Burning man series. It popped up on my suggestions feed and I struggled to recollect accurately what the previous books were about before downloading it. It is a rare occurrence ( at least to me ) when the last book of the series is the best. Logically that should be so , people get better with practice and learn from the reactions to the earlier books of the series, but I do not stumble on such cases often. The usual case is that the first book has an ambitious premise and the latter books cannot compete with the first.

The entire above paragraph summed up is that I gave this book 4 stars while I had not really enjoyed the previous two. There was nothing technically wrong with the first two books and you do not need them to read this one.

The character of Michael Gideon is whimsical even with the psychological burden he carries. His conversations to and about his dog was most hilarious in this book. Not ‘Ha Ha’ hilarious, just the need to grin when you read the sentences. There are two cases in this book and with no superiors to report to on a daily basis, Gideon has a free reign over his day. Despite feeling extremely sure about the identity of the culprit of one of the cases( will not reveal which) I did enjoy the book. The swearing is at a bare minimum ( which does boost itself in my opinion) . One of the cases though contains the usual graphic details which come along with a thriller and being used to it, I skim through the same and discard it once the story is complete. Unless you are in a habit of reading such books , it might bother you ( it is not so bad as to ‘unsettle’ you, which was the first fancy word that had come into my mind and I didn’t think it fit completely).

There is an additional dog in this story who seems to have been separated from her ‘mother’ and Gideon is trying to win her trust and to help Angie ( the dog) find Heather (her mother/owner/human). On the other hand after giving a speech at a club for survivors( relatives of people who died due to a crime) he meets a man who he admires and is stunned to hear that he had a fatal accident a week later. Gideon smells a rat and now has his hands full .( I thought I should just add a better description of the story also just in case it adds to the review 😀 )

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