The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

This was a book which had been on my to read shelf as a recommendation for almost one year. I threw caution to the winds and went on a reserving spree at the library and finally borrowed this one. It is part of a larger series but I gave in to the temptation to write a review today so here it is!( This statement is with reference to the fact that I have a few pending reviews that i intend to complete once I finish their respective series)

Fantasy is a tough genre to crack ( according to me) . You cannot vary too much from a slightly standard storyline of good vs bad and with that limited frame , multiple castles and cottages and the lives within have to elaborated on. Not to mention the languages and customs that go along with this ( grammar and constructs included). I have multiple friends who paid close attention to the languages of LOTR and relished utilizing it in daily life! That is something  of an unattainable goal with my method of reading. This book has all of those features well explained at different stages during the tale.

To me, the people and their lives are where the story lies. There are ups and downs with which I laugh and cry in equal measure. In this book ( being the first ) Kvothe( the lead character) the child with his thirst for knowledge is introduced by his current self. We are not aware  how much time has passed since and what brought him to the current state of affairs. There are stories within the stories which initially took me awhile to get used to. This book is but the foundation for the story and I hope it only gets better from here .To put it succinctly, its the origin story of Kvothe. We leave them with some of the initial introduction of who our hero is , being explained and the rest of the it is set to unravel in the following books.

PS: I cried more than I laughed in this particular book and that should hint at the tone of the book

PPS: I have an interesting line up for the next month , more to come soon

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