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The Theory of Opposites by Allison Winn Scotch

This is my last review for the night and probably for the next few days( how many days, remains to be seen). I am trying to pace myself since this is not a race of any kind and I am fully utilizing my monthly kindle subscription , not to mention my local public library ( go Hong Kong public library system!)

I started this book very eagerly after my emotional response to the last book of her’s that I read (

My response to the previous book had been so overwhelming that I had one or two people ( About the size of my daily reader base) tell me that they wanted to read the book. So with such a heavy baggage, this book had a lot to live up to, but failed.

This story was about the dysfunctional family with the central character of the book being the middle child. It has all the trappings of a good book with self esteem issues and every relationship being strained due to several reasons. In some ways the dysfunctional family is just the background on which the rest of the picture is painted but there was something lacking in this book. Maybe I am just that big a sucker for multi starrers ( books or movies) that i did not enjoy the sad life of this one person.

There is the erratic husband, a emotionally turbulent nephew by marriage,  a college best friend urging Willa to test her limits, parents who seem to be acting even more crazy than usual, an ex from college, a sister who is power driven and trying to be in charge as best as she can, a brother into yoga and being indicted by the FBI : this is the menagerie that the story is based on.

Maybe one of you would like it better than I did if you could borrow it for free.

I gave it 2 stars.

Side note ( change from the usual PS): Is it strange to use actual people in fictional situations in books that do not show them in a good light? Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga are mentioned sounding like crazed hippies supporting Willa’s brother ( did I mention Willa is the main character? ) and that was very strange.

I am going to try reading another of her books just to cement my feelings about the author.

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