A Very English Mystery books 1 &2 Elizabeth Edmondson

I recently talked about series reading with a friend of mine. She made a very good point,  making sure that the series is complete or close to completion when you begin for purposes of closure.I nodded at the time ( it was on the phone and she obviously did not see this inane action) but did not put it into practice and am now regretting it.

I have read this author previously ( ) and though I did not fully like the content due to the unpleasantness involved, I enjoyed the book as a whole.

This was in the form of an audiobook for the most part but I did read chunks of the book normally as well and it was not that much of a chore ( The slight british accent on the audio did make the story more fun) . The author spins a good tale, the people and their lives are well explained without seeming like they are all in a line up and are being introduced. There is a flow to the story and the light-hearted humour in between which just adds to the reading pleasure.

The story begins with Selchester Castle and the Earl supposedly going for a walk before an unheard of snow storm after which he was never seen. Seven years later our lead characters are introduced with Hugo Hawksworth being delegated to the sedentary section of the British Intelligence branch due to a wound to his leg. He is moving to the town with his sister Georgia ( one of the most interesting people in the book) and will be temporarily residing in the castle where only Freya Wryton ( from the original Earl’s relations: the niece) is living under the guise of writing the family history.

The Earl’s bones are found under the chapel ( when checking the water pipes) and this sets of a chain of events and it is left to the Hugo and Freya with Hugo’s uncle Leo and other help from old colleagues , not to forget Georgia bounding in at every opportunities making her lists, to solve the case. This is the first book : A Man of Some Repute

Towards the end of the first book new information is unearthed ( spoiler alert ahead!) , there is another Earl after all.

The second book (A Question of Inheritance) brings into the picture the new Earl Gus and his teen-aged daughters. There is reshuffling occurring in the castle and everyone is trying to figure out what their roles are. While all the people are being introduced to each other and every person is finding a routine and returning to their day-to-day life, a visitor to the castle is electrocuted. More sinister information is revealed and as expected, the book ended with more to come.

I was tricked into believing that the third book was available since the number 3 was listed in my Kindle 😦 ( My deduction skills are lapsing since I should have noticed it said image unavailable in that list)

It releases in september and since I could not wait to publish my ‘series’ review, I am having to make do with the just the two.


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