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Tapestry of Fortunes by Elizabeth Berg

There is a point , (I assume )during a marathon or something even infinitely easier, that there is a breath taken during a break which is sweeter than otherwise for all the hard work that came before and will come after it. I describe this convoluted feeling because I felt like it today. Since I have started this blog, I have slowly edged towards books that appear somewhat intellectual( “There are more people with information about my reading lists than before! My intellectual reputation is at stake!”). It has been hard work conquering the lethargy it takes to complete a book that is not meant to be read in one sitting or with only half your brain on the book. So in the midst of all this, a poor ignored chicklit finally came into my hands ( its due to be returned tomorrow and I did not feel like extending it yet again).

It felt like my brain gave out a little bit of a sigh and settled into a couch in my head. This was a good book. I rated it 4 stars as I write this. I might have found it good because of the pace/depth of my recent books.

It has a simple story, a woman who gives inspirational speeches for a living has recently lost a best friend cum neighbour to cancer and is trying to move on and try a few things that she promised her friend she would. At her advanced age, she decides to sell her home and move into a house with three other women. There is an audible click when those women meet and due to the timing in each of their lives, they bond. They start on a road trip to face their individual pasts and thereafter look forward to their future. It may not seem very great and (m)any who read this might question my 4 star rating but just as the lady in the book felt, it was the right time for the book and I liked it!

Tomorrow I go back to ‘better’ books that need my entire brain to function. I do not want to make it sound like I do not enjoy these other books but I had fallen into a rut the last 4 years of reading mindless books where the story flows unheeded sometimes by very concrete logic. Now I am trying to break the shackles and just as going to the gym is painful to those first few kgs to be lost, this will take some work. I hope to conquer  and clamber over the rut and enjoy the process.


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