Chick lit, Drama

Broken Pieces by Kathleen Long

I feel a little bad having to put this book in the Chick lit category ( It feels like a derogatory term with flakiness embedded in it, but I use it often for good deep books as well).

I persist in using the term though because it shows the target audience and succeeds in touching a chord with them. All of this is from my perspective with my limited outlook in such cases.

I gave this book a full whole-hearted 4 stars. There is nothing unique about the storyline. Heartbreak, illness , strength and the family bond. But the depth with which you can feel the pain and the fight in Destiny ( the lead protagonist) and you travel the ups and downs with her. Destiny loses her mother to cancer at the age of 10 and her father flees the aftermath and many years pass with the usual repercussions.Anyone with a passing acquaintance with the dreaded disease would know how potent the trials could be. Her father is now back and has some secrets up his sleeve which will completely test Destiny’s character. Destiny is not a whiner nor is she feeling sorry for herself. On the flip side she is not an angel either with the most positive chirpy outlook on life. Realistically, there is constant thought on what her stand should be and she lets her head and heart converse frequently and is a likeable person.

This post comes at the heels of my post just yesterday and I need to admit that I did not go on a reading spree. I am trying to branch out with my time and have taken up crochet (old-fashioned I know!) and am trying to make my work neat enough for others to see and hence kept up the constant audible playing in the background wrapping up this book in 3 hours or so.

( Yay for technology!)

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