Historical fiction

The View from Castle Rock by Alice Munro

During middle school and slightly earlier, we had abundant access to Ruskin Bond, both at school and around. The reason I start with him is that multiple scenarios were repeated with slightly altered circumstances in more than one of his books. One assumption( of mine obviously) is that those were actual instances and he used them like a lucky charm. In the introduction to this book, the author clearly states that most of the book is fiction but built on research into her family history and her own experience.

It was a most uncomfortable book. I am sure there are many out there who will understand what this means. When an adult points out failings of another adult to someone who is not their age and respects both equally, there is an internal debate on how to process the given information. This book gives out the same sensation .

It is not a bad book and definitely not a completely happy one, but it is real and takes you through multiple generations and their respective times , relationships and the responsibilities and emotions that go with it. The author talks of times that we as a generation can only imagine in our minds which makes it interesting enough to give it 3 stars but with this being the third book of the author that I have attempted and the second finished, I am not going to be picking up another of her books any time in the near future. The tone is not for me.

In the book, her scottish ancestors leave for America ( actually meaning Canada) and they set up their lives . How life treated them and they treated life follows.

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