Sci Fi

The Origin Mystery Book 2&3 – AG Riddle

This was a very disappointing set of books for me . There is a very real possibility that I am incapable of appreciating nuances when it comes to Sci-Fi. Since this is my blog and I have full reign here like nowhere else, I have learnt to dislike books openly and unapologetically ( some of the times) .

To be frank the second book felt good, I thought this was a turn and the final book might make me like this series. The last book unfortunately did not do its job ( for me)

The two books follow the path of massive revelations in the first book which gives us an alternate idea of how humans actually progressed. It has all the parts , gene modification, DNA identification, Human like aliens who have advanced technologies and have been watching our progress over millions of years.

What falls through is the narrative. Luckily I listed to it and not read it and therefore was able to complete it in order to give a complete review. It seemed tedious to follow the protagonists discover the complete plot piece by piece. Every book seemed to contradict the status in the previous book of the issue at hand and add to it. Overall I do not think I will be pursuing another of this author’s sci-fi books anytime soon

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