Whispers of Mirrowen – Jeff Wheeler

This is the first series that I completed under my new resolve of reviewing entire series together. The others so far have had at least one separate review.

Jeff Wheeler is one of the current authors that I am following. Following with regards to going through one series after another. Not being a Christian and being unaware of many of the older tales involved in the faith I was not aware that he draws heavy inspiration in the foundation of his tales from them. I discovered this after watching the movie Joan of Arc, nicknamed “The Maid of Orléans”, and looking up the wiki page for the same I found out where the story of Maid of Donremy ( came from! The story was almost entirely similar but then again I liked the other books better than The Maid’s War anyway.

To be very clear I was just surprised by the discovery and in no way am complaining, having never heard/read the original anyway.

This particular series gave the legends of Muirwoods a run for its money.It tells the tale of a plague that has been ravaging the world in bouts at a time causing a lot of deaths. Life is hard and only one person thinks he knows how to eradicate the plague and proceeds to build a team in order to follow through on an unfinished quest with a heavy heart. I really enjoyed the first book which was a complete tale almost in itself. Called Fireblood, it did not end with you cursing anyone for leaving us in suspense though there were several unanswered questions. There were multiple layers with this story. The first book introduced the young protagonists Annon,Hettie and Paedrin and their respective histories each bringing something different to the table. It also had a villain called Kiran Rao ( which was hilarious and I had to stop the audible narration to confirm the spelling!) . To all those non Indians who read this, it is a very common name and actually the name of the wife of the actor Aamir Khan!

This book has yet again cemented my belief that I will always be drawn to multi- starrers, be it movies or books. The rich cast gives rise to different people to follow. Annon who is a good student of his order and harbours resentment for what he feels is abandonment by his uncle Tyrus who has manipulated all three into a plot that they will not completely unravel till the last book.

The second book Dryad- born , I did not enjoy too much. Mostly because I think I did not like the narrator’s voice but also because the character of Fey annoyed me a little and the book was mostly all about her though the others faced unspeakable odds on each of the branches they had followed after the first book.I only quickly finished the book in order to reach the last book.I cannot reveal anything further in this paragraph without disclosing the ending of the first book.

The last book called Poisonwell , I finished just a few hours ago, had all the good bits for an effective ending. There are battles waged, deaths of beloved people and twists that were not expected. Overall it did not disappoint, and if you are a fan of the genre and/or read other books of the author , defenitely try this series too!


PS: Since I posted this I found out through another book that the bulk of the flashback involved in the final book where all secrets are revealed is from a greek story! Again since I was not aware of the original story or if the author intended this overlap on purpose I was not bothered by it


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