Multiple Wounds by Alan Russell

I am currently taking a course on creative writing, there was a discussion about narrative recently. I had been listening to this book for the past few evenings ( along with my crochet and my cooking)  and what struck me most was how much I wanted the narration to keep going.All the tips that were suggested in the course of how to make the story interesting seemed to be present.It was not just that the narrator had good style but the way the story unfurled was very interesting.

The author not only gave us a story of a young women being plagued by her multiple personality disorder, an aging detective trying to solve a case with the help of her psychiatrist  but also insight into greek tales and the parallels drawn throughout the book. I made a lot of other related discoveries with the Greek info ( see previous review for explanation)

Nothing much can be said about the book since any revelations will take some of the steam from the story. There is the cautionary warning though, you should be a fan of the genre and used to anything disturbing that comes along with it. Especially since justice is served at the end. The story begins with Detective Cheever who is leading a case that involves a slasher and he runs into Helen Troy who is suffering from multiple personality disorder or DID ( Dissociative Identity disorder), which only adds to the problems involved in solving the case since she herself is not sure of certain things and convincing others is harder still. Her past comes into question as well adding another case to be worked on. Overall this was a great read (listen?) and I did give it 5 stars on Goodreads.

These are exciting times and I have a lot of things up my sleeve in connection with books and reading, more will be revealed as and when I finish some books.


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