The Hollow Crown (Kingfountain #4) – Jeff Wheeler

I am back with my second review of the day, this time I read it myself instead of the narrator feeding me the lines!This is my 51st post and therefore there has to be a story attached to it as a celebration!

Before I begin with the actual review I need to state that I stumbled upon a website through random blog jumping and it turned out that I am very late in hitching myself up to the book reviewer’s bandwagon.I am here now though, and plan to stick around. Through netGalley I now have access ( if approved by their publishers) to books pre publication! This had me so excited that I actually hopped around my house. The first book that I attempted was a safe bet.

As of last week, I was under the assumption that I had completed the Kingfountain series by Jeff Wheeler with the third book, until I stumbled upon this website and signed up!

I have always been a sucker for tales where we follow the lead protagonist through the ages, watch them mature and see what makes them tick. We know these people like we could never know anyone in real life, even ourselves for that matter! Owen Kiskaddon was one such character, a child you marvel at and watch him go through life and grow into a man you could admire. I felt the 3rd book had ended well enough and had all the strings tied. When I saw this book during my maiden voyage through I could not believe my eyes. I started the book today feeling like the story would probably stretch and not be as good as the last. In the first few chapters, I was afraid history was just about to repeat itself. But as Tryneowy (daughter of Owen)   grew up, with different baggage than her predecessors, and different setbacks, it got interesting.

The newly united country of Ceredigion is now under attack from previously unknown enemies. This book is a look into what comes after the happily ever after and when contentment is forced on some just because the others feel it. People may change but emotions are a constant and this is proved as the story unfolds. Outsiders have set their eyes on the Hollow crown and now it’s up to the new cast to see it through. It is hard not to guess and second guess the turns and twists and I am extremely impatient to know what happens next. I console myself that at least I got here , to this story ahead of others and as of now I should be happy with that!I gave it 4 stars only because I want to see how much I like the next and not regret setting the bar too high/low

PS: This post is riddled with exclamation marks( more than my usual!) that I usually do not use because I imagine a teen when I read a paragraph with multiple exclamation marks . Since this was the first book I read via netgalley, it was hard to control the ‘!’

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