Chick lit

Changing Lanes- Kathleen Long

I last reviewed a book by the same author where there was a lot of play on emotions and had  given it 4 stars.

This book, though set in the same location with the same people had a milder level of emotion. The lead character Abby is a very relatable person who is used to setting a plan for her life and following it through. A slight upset in the balance of her plans ( actually it was more than slight!) causes her to topple into confusion.

With the help of her family and friends and a blast from the past she sets about analysing herself and her motives in what she has been doing so far. I say relatable because at some stage a lot of people wonder, at least in passing, about why they do what they do. The town of Paris, NJ is depicted with people ranging from the eccentric to the average. The growth of a person during a month of retrospection and quality family time amounts to a good read!

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