The Wise Man’s Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle #2)

I’ve heard people describe their favourite painting or other forms of art. A very good book needs a similar approach.

This book was one that I enjoyed so much that I allowed it to sneak up from its original to read position of my other borrowed books.I could not limit to reading it in between my continuing efforts to read Infinite Jest ( good book but need my brain in its entirety)

The core of most fantasy stories are similar if not the same. We have the protagonist who faces against amazing odds and emerges victorious. The beauty is in its telling. Every stage of Kvothe’s life is described in such a way to evoke empathy at every turn. Each occasion dents the boy he was all the while letting him grow. This story picks up where   Name of the Wind : Patrick Rothfuss   left off. It is now Day 2 of the telling of his life to a chronicler who has been trying to track him down. This story includes his year or so off from his studies where he battles with life outside. He faces bigger and better opponents than the trouble Ambrose has put him through in the first book. The tale sews together relationships beautifully; be it friends ready to give up their comforts for your safety or the new friend who risks more than you could know. In the last book and as in this, Kvothe learns from yet another teacher or two , and his thirst for learning that sees him through.

There is finesse in the brushstrokes of the story, it was a delight to read. I wanted to write this down while I was still trapped in its thrall.I am stunned too realize I did not check to see if the third book was readily available!! I wait and hope it releases some time soon!


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