Roses of May (The Collector #2) by Dot Hutchinson

It has been a while and many books since my reading of the first book of this series. It took a few chapters in before the previous tale was more concrete in my mind. But that is irrelevant because that knowledge was not required to feel for the recurring characters. You feel the empathy anew. The different girls in the different scenario’s as well as their coping mechanism makes you admire them above all the other emotions that go along with such a harrowing tale.

The story is in its entirety ( looks like my favorite word of the month!) very dark and definitely for someone more comfortable with dealing with this genre. Each person described during the telling of the tale is very deep and is more than just one facet of a human being. They display all levels of intelligence as well as emotions.

The FBI trio who had been interrogating the ‘butterflies’ in the last book are now trying to beat a serial killer before his yearly season of hunting. They are emotionally involved in this search because they have developed a familial relation with one of the previous victim’s family. On a side note, it is the first book I have come across ( at least in the recent past) where an Indian American/British family is depicted in a way that I being Indian myself, understand. There is nothing over the top about the people and I warmed up to them.

The strength of the women and the interdependence of people working with such troubling situations was very absorbing. Though the book is not for the faint of heart, I would definitely recommend it to others who can stomach Psychological thrillers of this sort.

PS: I got this book via NetGalley as a pre release copy 😀

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