Chick lit

Life and Other Near-Death Experiences-Pagán, Camille

I have had a very good past few days.I have rejected books I did not like reading and finishing a few good ones.

This was one of the latter. The first person narrative of a person being in equal parts stubborn and resilient. Libby has just been given the diagnosis of a rare type of cancer and she goes home to uncover yet another secret. Everything comes crashing down shortly after. Their family has been through this before when she was a child and she lost her mother.This has a very large effect on what she does next.Libby then proceeds to make multiple life changes and we walk with her and her mental anguish.

It is hard to portray the thought process of someone going through something this serious with a light narrative , all the while making sure that the issue at hand is given its due respect. The book manages to do just that.

The  book has an airy tone is humorous at times and overall tackles a touchy subject well. Good enough for me to rate it 4 stars.


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