In the Blood (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery #1) by Steve Robinson

A few years ago I had come across an author called Rhett Macpherson whose mysteries were based on local genealogical discoveries. Bloodline causing issues years far down the line due to the secrets that they held. I had really liked the premise then, and it turns out I still do.

Jefferson Tayte is a Genealogist who has been tasked with finding out the family history of a Rich man’s wife as a birthday present. He hits on a snag that bothers him.  James Fairborne had left for Britain with his wife, children , sister and brother-in-law. But only his name survived in records. JT then has to go to Cornwall to figure it out.

There are many death-defying instances and twists involved. I did not think the story was going to pick up at the rate the first few chapters were going. But as soon as JT reached Cornwall things picked up and many false leads occurred before the final revelation.

Overall I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series since there seems to be some mystery to JT’s own background and why he ended up being adopted. Luckily the kindle audible version was well narrated!

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