Envious Casca (Inspector Hemingway #2) by Georgette Heyer

I have picking my way through a backlog of kindle unlimited books that did not come with audible narration . Having become lazy , I have let myself be lulled by the ease of good narration!

I completed the second book of Inspector Hemingway which had nothing to do with the first except for the Inspector’s presence.

We are introduced to the cast ( it literally means the cast) of the story that unfolds. A rich Englishman with a lot of hanger ons who depend on him for their lifestyles. His brother and wife live with him round the clock while his heir, his nephew and his niece visit infrequently. They are the kind of family that revel in quarrelling and when a distant cousin and a business partner are added to the mix, the pot gets stirred.

Nathaniel is found stabbed in a locked room and the drama continues to unfold. The conversations between these people and the sly humour involved make it an enjoyable read. I would have given it 4 stars if only I had not arrived at the culprit too early in the tale. I am now looking forward to the next book involving the fun combination of Inspector Hemingway and Sergeant Ware.

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