Second Acts by Teri Emory

This is another book I got a chance to read thanks to NetGalley, it is due to be released in a month or so.

The book is the story of three women who were college roommates and are now in their early fifties. That was probably my mistake, since I do not have much insight into that stage of life, it was hard to connect with the characters.

It traces the current lives of all the three women with each having their own hardships. Though each woman is journeying alone and trying to handle their lives, the other two are always there in the periphery to lend a hand or a shoulder as necessary.

Their lives are very different from what they had imagined when they had set out after college, but they have held on to each other steadfastly.

It was a good read and has very realistic settings, though more stories of how they bonded would have been a bonus.

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