Humour, Sci Fi

To Say Nothing of the Dog: How We Found the Bishop’s Bird Stump at Last by Connie Willis

There was something really fun about this book. As the weird title suggests, this book does not deal with the ordinary. It takes great effort ( I would imagine) to be absurd on purpose. The style reminded me of books of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams.

You strain to make sure you have not misread the thought process. The story is based in the future ( I am putting it in the Sci Fi category for this sole reason) where “The Net” and “Continuum” are words used by the historians using time travel to study the past. Our hero Ned Henry has made a few jumps too many and needs some downtime. He is assigned the task of undoing a change that might spiral into something bigger. He sets off on this quest in a dazed fashion and therefore stumbles multiple times before deciding on a path. He is joined by another historian who has been moved from the 1930’s to that time period to unearth the story behind the Bishop’s Bird Stump.

There are many mishaps along the way and the ups and downs reminded me of P.G Wodehouse’s Blandings Castle capers.

I am definitely going to read more of this Author to make sure this humour was not a one-off thing.

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