Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children Series by Ransom Riggs

This is a 3 book series which tracks the entry and progress of Jacob Portman into a world previously unknown to him.

In the first book, Jacob is concerned about his grandfather’s mental well being.He soons dies in a strange fashion. After his death, Jacob finds letters which leads him to his grandfather’s past. This introduces Jacob to Peculiars who are people with strange secrets.His presence seems to send the ball rolling for the future issues.

In the second, there is a crisis situation caused and one particular band of peculiars set out to rectify it. They have to move under the radar of the their enemies to relative safety. They make more than a few surprising discoveries along the way, both about themselves and their world.

The third is a culmination of all that has previously occurred. Several centuries of information is brought together and Jacob realizes his role in the whole scenario. A war of sorts is waged and there are more revelations and repercussions.

The most fascinating part about reading these three books was that it was peppered with photos, which the author has received from different people,places and times. These photos are woven into the story but individually taken they are extremely tantalizing. It opens up a whole new parallel thought process.

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