Chick lit

The Beekeeper’s Ball (Bella Vista Chronicles #2)

This was a strange version of its genre. I have recently finished a completely focused book on Italy and World War II ( Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark T. Sullivan) and it seemed funny that I would randomly pick a book that was fifty percent based on the war again. This is again a second… Continue reading The Beekeeper’s Ball (Bella Vista Chronicles #2)


Closed Circles (Sandhamn #2) by Viveca Sten

This is the second in a Swedish mystery series that I had read earlier. I had read the first one ages ago and brushed up on it before starting this one. There is no such requirement though since this is a completely different story with a few recurring characters. The next in line to lead… Continue reading Closed Circles (Sandhamn #2) by Viveca Sten