Chick lit

The Winter Lodge (Lakeshore Chronicles #2) by Susan Wiggs

I overdid this genre a few years ago and singled out a few authors whose characters were likable enough to binge on.

I found an unread book of Susan Wiggs and decided to try it out. This is a second book in a series I faintly recall having at least one book of earlier. Jenny is reeling after the loss of her Grandmother when her house burns down. Homeless of sorts and at odds with trying to come to terms with her new independence, Jenny is helped by her long-term friends.

We see glimpses of the past which introduces us to the older members of the story and also past events. Old secrets seem to be coming to light. Even without previous knowledge of the characters, you feel sufficient connections with them in order to enjoy the story.

Overall a good read as long as you are used to the genre !


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