Mystery, Thriller

Buried on the Fens (Nikki Galena Series #7) by Joy Ellis

This was another advance copy I got to read thanks to NetGalley.  This is the 7th book of a series but I did not take me long to get the feel for the characters involved even though it is the first I have read of this series.

There is a sudden discovery that prompts a look into 30-year-old conversations and cases. While being short-staffed and with an investigation underway, Detective Nikki Galena and her team look into the past as well. There might be something connecting them that they might be just missing.

It was a reasonably fast paced narrative, peppered with individual issues and commentary in between. I almost finished it in just about two sittings.

The revelations were unexpected and is worth a read if you are into the genre.

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