Chick lit

Before I Met You by Lisa Jewell

Betty ( Thus named by her step-grandmother for being Elizabeth) Dean arrived on the English island of Guernsey on a temporary assignment as a child but stays on. She puts her life on hold to be with her grandmother when she falls ill.

In her will she leaves a mysterious beneficiary who Betty decides to track down. After this, the book splits alternatingly to when her grandmother had been in London and Betty’s new life.We track Betty’s attempts at finding this person while parallelly we are told how this person came to be.

The overall concept of uncovering the past of people is usually interesting to me and hence the 3 star rating. The language and few instances were things I could have done without. I do not think I will be going out of my way to pick up another book of this author but I did find the story readable just this once.

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